About Marissa

Marissa Elman believes that everyone can find their own path to happier, healthier, and more fulfilled versions of themselves.

A longtime fitness and wellness enthusiast, Marissa Elman emphasizes the importance of positive behavioral patterns such as eating well, working out, and avoiding harmful substances. All of these make up a proper foundation for your health and can lead to a longer and brighter lives.

Marissa enjoys learning as much as she can about healthy habits so that she can share vital information with her community and help people take control of their futures.

Marissa Elman is a health and wellness enthusiast. As a passionate and bright amateur photographer, Marissa always goes the extra mile to capture the beauty and curiosity in the world she sees every day.

Marissa Elman combines two of her passions in fashion photography, where she can practice taking beautiful, dynamic shots of models in action and bring the 3D to life in a flat image. At the same time, Marissa loves fashion and clothing, so she finds great joy in centering her art around the self-expression of designers and everyday fashion enthusiasts alike. After all, if you are a creative spirit and constantly seeking new and exciting avenues for aesthetic experimentation, why not start with your own daily self and your personal presentation?

Marissa is currently exploring her passions for design, art, and photography as a student at Youngstown University, although she jumps at every opportunity to polish her skills and bring her interests into the real world with daily experience and interaction with the wider artistic community.