The Mental and Physical Benefits of Yoga


Get your namaste on by taking up yoga. There are numerous health benefits to practicing yoga, both mentally and physically. Yoga is inspiring and strengthening. It rejuvenates and allows you time to focus on your body and mind. If you want to improve your overall health, consider starting yoga.



There are dozens of yoga poses to increase your flexibility. A lack of flexibility can create tight joints and muscles, leaving a larger risk for injuries. A flexible body yields better active performances. Stretching before running is critical for your muscles, and greater flexibility may enhance your workout.


Stress Relief

Some believe that yoga touches your inner self, that it can restore your soul with peace. Whether you believe that or not, yoga can actually reduce stress and have a calming effect on both your body and mind. When your mind is stressed, your body is affected too. Certain positions are made for you to stretch, relax, and monitor your breathing. Through resting and focused positions, yoga can lower stress.


Muscle Strength

Any consistent physical activity will improve your muscle strength. Yoga is made for strength training by holding and repeating positions that challenge your muscles. Building muscle strength is important for your physical health. By utilizing the weight of your own body instead of with machines or free weights, yoga will improve your strength and keep your body in great shape.


Mood Booster

You can elevate your mood through yoga. Yoga simply can make you happier. The majority of people who partake in yoga feel relaxed after they’ve completed a yoga class. Through breathing techniques and centering your mind, yoga actually improves your brain activity. GABA stands for Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid activity that occurs in your brain. A research study followed a group of walkers and a group practicing yoga for a 12 week time period. There was increased levels of GABA and greater improvements in mood for those who practiced yoga compared to those who walked.


Lower Blood Pressure

Your blood pressure lowers significantly when you are relaxed. Because yoga is a relaxing activity, it therefore lowers your blood pressure. High blood pressure is the leading cause of strokes, heart attacks and heart failure which are all dangerous to anyone’s life. Although certain foods aid in lowering blood pressure, studies have shown that yoga is a great option as well.


Improved Focus

Through breathing techniques and physical exercises, yoga poses provide better focus. Any yoga routine includes a breathing method that enhances how your mind focuses and slows it down into relaxation. Yoga participants have an increased ability to focus after doing yoga.


Yoga is a great activity to improve your physical and mental health. Although there are plenty more benefits, these are just a few. By participating in yoga you are benefiting your mental and physical health in a natural and relaxing way.



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